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Interpreting – for accurate comprehension

Professional interpreters are a necessary condition for success

Flawless comprehension is important for the successful conclusion of contract negotiations and the organisation of conferences or company events. Single words can have negative consequences for your business if they are misunderstood. Professional interpreters ensure that you and your business partners catch even the subtlest nuances. This applies to personal negotiations as much as it does to speeches, lectures, or factory tours. Interpreters are valuable aides in court, too. As an interpreting agency with many years of experience, we offer you professional interpreters who have comprehensive industry knowledge in addition to their language proficiency.

Interpreting services for any occasion

We will find you the right interpreter for any occasion. Depending on the type of event, you will need a specific interpreting service:

  • Simultaneous interpreting: A simultaneous interpreter will translate the spoken text at almost the same time as the speaker (usually inside a soundproof cabin).
  • Consecutive interpreting: The interpreting is carried out in sections after the respective speaker finishes.
  • Liaison interpreting: This type of interpreting is used in negotiations involving a small number of people. Again, the interpreter translated the conversation in sections, but in an impromptu manner, without taking notes.

We offer you both simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for events and liaison interpreters for business negotiations. Are you looking for an interpreter to join you on a business trip? We will be happy to offer you an escort interpreter.

More than just interpreting – consultancy and equipment

In addition to experienced interpreters, we also provide you with comprehensive consultancy. We will set up a monolingual or bilingual team of interpreters for any occasion, including business trips or conferences held over several days and contract negotiations.

We will also provide the required conference and sound technology. This includes the punctual arrival of the interpreters and equipment along with guidance on location by an expert.

Get in touch to let us know your requirements. We create better understanding – in any situation!