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Perfect translations? A matter of course.

Expect a lot more from a full-service provider in the field of translation services. We use state-of-the-art strategies and tools, e.g. translation memory systems, to adapt your content to its target country in terms of its language, culture, and technical aspects. We localise anything and everything: software, websites, technical documentation, your shop system, print products (DTP), even computer games (game translations).

The A.C.T. Translations team will look at your localisation project from every angle. Localisation is a complex endeavour: the local use of language must be observed just as precisely as foreign symbols; localisation must take social context into account as carefully as it needs to adjust to different technical requirements. For your translation provider, this means: dates and time formats, currencies and fonts must be adapted functionally; symbols and graphic designs must be modified to meet the specific cultural requirements of the target audience. These adjustments apply to all types of localisation projects, from graphical user interfaces and online help systems to user manuals and product packaging, functional software and video games alike.

Localisation is a complex challenge, and your team of expert translators, programmers, and graphic designers possess the necessary cultural expertise to master it with flying colours.