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Law / Jurisprudence

Legal affairs – stay on the safe side of the law

Globalisation and international trade make for complex legal situations, exacerbated by different legal systems and their interpretation. Mistakes – caused, for instance, by incomprehensible warnings on package inserts or the imprecise expression of contractual obligations – can bring about enormous costs. Any signer of a legally binding document expects translation results that convey the intentions of the contracting parties identically: they must be legally watertight.

Extraordinarily complex legal systems with an extremely differentiated terminology and fundamental structural differences mean that the translation of legal texts poses a particular challenge for any language expert. Our sworn, academically educated legal translators specialise in particular fields, e.g. comparative law. They are capable of decoding any legal jargon and translate legal content adequately to ensure it is understood internationally – be it a legislative text, patent specification, legal decision, or report. With our translation service, you are always on the safe side of the law.