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Medical / Pharmaceutical

Medical and pharmaceutical translations – with precision and accurate terminology

Services for the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and medical engineering industries are among the core competencies of our translation industry. Those sectors use their own, highly specific professional language and terminology.

Any field that requires extreme precision is particularly unforgiving of even the most minuscule errors – especially for complex symptom descriptions, Latin terms, or specialist jargon in the respective target language. This is why A.C.T. Translations uses special terminology databases that are updated on a continuous basis. They are the only way to guarantee consistent accuracy in terminology and account for constant terminological innovation.

Entrust your specialist translation projects to our team of professionals who know their craft inside out. For case reports, diagnostic results, specialist medical publications, or complex package inserts: our translation service has a firm grasp on the right terminology and possesses extensive specialist knowledge and a high level of expertise in these particular subject areas. Our translation agency works with a supporting network of medical professionals and scientists who will be happy to advise you whenever necessary.