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Terminology Management

Terminology Management

We will create a separate, customised terminology database for your company and your project. This allows for the consistent, uniform use of specialist terms throughout your translations. Your terminology will be organised by means of clearly specified usage rules. It helps us produce extremely precise translations in a highly efficient manner, taking into account your preferred specialist jargon. Not by chance or on occasion – always. All of your employees all over the world can now use identical terms to describe identical processes and situations. This allows for a harmonious corporate identity and increased security, e.g. for technical documentation or product descriptions for the purpose of consumer protection.

Your identity – your terminology

Your company has produced a large specialist glossary over the course of its history. We will adopt your linguistic repertoire and extract your specific terminology as a basis for your database, including your promotional slogans and industry jargon.

Consistent translations can only be produced with consistent terminology and the use of translation memory tools. Your benefit: you save time and money. Yet another reason to use a uniform company language!

We will enter your custom terminology into a logically structured, multilingual terminology database. This creates a personal terminology pool for you, which you can access at any time. Your advantage: your benefit from extremely precise, cost-efficient professional translations that are stylistically harmonious. Your customers will recognise the unique tone of your messages and texts.