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Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality is the highest priority at A.C.T. Translations. This is reflected in our quality management system, which has been certified by the TÜV organisation in accordance with ISO 9001.

But we offer more than just a pretty certificate on the wall. Each of our employees contributes to the continuous improvement of our services – for us, quality management is a way of life. This is guaranteed not only by our management, which pursues a target-oriented quality policy, but also our Quality Management Representative, who functions as a point of contact for all quality-related topics, facilitates communication between the different departments of the company, supports her colleagues with quality advice, and identifies where there is room for improvement.

We particularly focus on the continuous optimisation of our processes: an efficient, binding workflow plays an important role in achieving better performance and higher-quality results. Our project management software, for instance, has been developed specifically for the requirements of language service providers. We have been able to streamline our processes even further by enabling our clients to work with the same software. This allows them to upload their inquiries and orders directly to our server and include notes, reference materials, etc. There are multiple advantages to this system: firstly, the project is located on our system from the start, allowing us to start working on it without any delay. The mention of reference files on the upload page encourages clients to provide supporting materials for the translator, which is an important aspect of the translation process. Secondly, our approach improves data security: SSL-encrypted data transfer is more secure than transmission via Email. In addition, our clients can still access their projects after the translation process has been completed, e.g. to generate statistics, evaluate their annual translation costs, et cetera. A true win-win situation.

But you will benefit from our quality management system even if you decide against using our client portal.

Your benefits at a glance

Our continuous improvement process allows us to be faster – so you never have to wait for long. Many of our clients are already impressed by the speed with which they receive a quote for a translation from A.C.T.

Thanks to our active error prevention system, we are also reliable. But if you ever have a reason to complain, rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make sure it will not happen again.

Continuous improvement also entails further education. We are keeping up to date at all times and will always offer you competent advice.

The continuous optimisation of our processes comes with another advantage for you: it saves us money, which is directly reflected in our prices.

And, finally: by questioning our performance on a regular basis, we get to tailor our offers to your requirements with increasing precision. You can even help us with this.

Working together for complete satisfaction

If we want to satisfy our clients’ expectations, we need to know what is important to them. This is why we regularly invite them to participate in our customer satisfaction survey and tell us their requirements and wishes. The results of this survey are a fundamental component of our quality management system – we need your feedback to adjust our services and meet your expectations.

We therefore ask you: please talk to us if you are any less than fully satisfied with our work. Our fair cooperation with our clients is important to us, and we want you to be satisfied – 100%.

We act. We care. We translate.