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The latest technology – for your benefit

The use of intelligent technology at A.C.T. Translations creates excellent value for money. Our TM systems (translation memory systems) detect repetitions in texts, which improves the speed of our translation processes. It prevents translation errors and ensures that set phrases are used consistently. This means a clear advantage for you: by optimising our translation process, we save time – and you save money. It allows us to offer you fair prices.

The content of our databases increases steadily; with time, the amount of suggested repetitions grows. The process is optimised on a continuous basis; in turn, our cost and time efficiency improves.

Terminology databases also serve to support our translators. They suggest the terms stored in the system to the translator, who can then adopt them into the text with a click of the mouse. Each term can be defined in detail within the database. Our translators always use the right term, and their translations are flawlessly consistent.

Our corporate customers, who have been working with us for many years, are just as pleased with this technology as our new clients and our freelance translators – for a good reason.