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Terminology Databases

Terminology databases – customised and up to date

Every specialist subject is characterised by its own terminology. We use customised terminology databases to translate these subject-specific terms and phrases quickly and efficiently. Our translation memory system suggests the stored terminology entries to the translator during the translation process. Depending on individual requirements, we either create a separate, comprehensive terminology databases for each subject area or use interdisciplinary databases.

Our terminology databases can be supplemented with definitions and illustrations for each term. It is further possible to save synonyms and attribute relevant applications to individual terms. Do you prefer the term “news release” over “press release” in your tests? No problem: we will simply mark the undesirable term with a “banned” label, while the preferred synonym is labelled as such.

Language lives and evolves, and efficient databases must keep with the times. Each new translation helps populate the terminology databases of our translation service further. Our professional translators constantly save new specifics and terms – tailored precisely to your individual requirements. This allows our terminology databases to grow with each new translation.

Terminology extraction – automatic database creation

We can establish a terminology database for you even if you have not collected your regularly used specialist terms in a glossary yet. Our solution is called terminology extraction: our extraction program filters the most important specialist terms for your company from a selection of source texts and corresponding translations. The resulting multilingual terminology directories are particularly useful for you, as they guarantee the consistent, correct use of jargon in the long term, be it for a scientific subject, a specific industry, or an individual company.